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You've launched your herbal practice, and are steadily growing the base of clients you serve. Your schedule is filling up with client visits - and the administrative work that accompanies it. How do you stay true to the deeper values of herbalism that drew you into the field while balancing the office time, technology, and networking that often accompany growing your professional practice?

Ready to use your herbal wisdom to help friends, family, and others in your community? Congratulations! We need more herbalists! But as you get started, this webinar explains how to recognize and avoid doing things that could sabotage your good intentions. Drawn from the lessons I learned (the hard way) as I began to practice as an herbalist, these five suggestions are easy to implement, and if you avoid making the same mistakes I did, I guarantee you will approach your clients feeling confident and prepared. This webinar offers lots of practical advice you can start using immediately, whether you are working informally with folks you know or intend to create an herbal business to support your clinical practice.

So often we hear the phrase 'holding space’ and 'creating safety' for clients. But what does that really mean? In this hour long free webinar, Kat will talk about what she has learned over her 30 years of working with clients and her community. Sacred space IS professional space and this serves not only you but especially your client and community. The respect and integrity you place in your practice is palpable and deeply appreciated by all.

Please note: since this webinar, the course dates and format have changed.
The course is now a two-part program, but all content and intention discussed in this webinar remains the same