Skills & support to nurture you, your practice, and your community

As practicing herbalists, the core of our work is a heart-centered approach that connects our knowledge of plants with the needs of the communities we serve. In the clinic, new skills are asked for and are no less pertinent to our livelihoods than honoring our homes and land ecology, making medicines with deep intention or learning how to celebrate the sacred nature of our clinical work and community.

Crafting Your Herbal Practice is a virtual course that provides herbalists with the tools and skill development needed to step into clinical practice confidently. 

Creating the Container: Tending Self, Client, and Community is a three-month virtual course that supports you as you build essential clinical skills with practical guidance for establishing an herbal practice that aligns with your values and goals. Begins on January 7, 2025. Registration opens in September 2025. See Part 1 details below. Send us an email, and we'll notify you when details are available. 


"Craft is the dovetailing of discipline and imagination, dedication and inspiration. When those spiral around each other, and serious attention is given over to that alchemy, then one’s craft can be realized.”

- Rosanne Cash, singer & songwriter

Crafting Your Herbal Practice:
Our Vision Statement

A container for nurturing clarity & confidence in your skills

We are hearing the call of herbalists needing support with the not-so-sexy, sometimes confusing arena of liability insurance, SOAP notes, HPPA requirements, herb-drug interactions and questions of which tools are truly needed for how we dream our practices into being. Recognizing the guidance and support that many new herbal practitioners are seeking, we've created two innovative courses that celebrate and nurture your unique approach to herbalism.

We envision a community of herbalists gathering together to activate a shared vision of what is possible as herbalists.

Creating the Container
is for you if you are ready to

  • Develop your self-awareness of the elements of a therapeutic relationship
  • Create and hold sacred, safe space for your client, and yourself
  • Establish ethical policies and procedures to ensure confidentiality
  • Improve your intake skills and to create concise case studies
  • Identify your core values around herb sustainability and conservation and access resources to implement them in your practice
  • The components of safe apothecary practices: record keeping, sustainable sourcing, compounding guidelines
  • Integrate waivers, liability insurance, business entities, taxes and more into your business plan


The next Crafting Your Herbal Practice course begins on January 7, 2025.

Registration opens in September 2024.

Questions? Send us an email!

Pre-Requisites for Crafting Your Herbal Practice

Completion of a foundation level herb program included body systems, basic energetics, herbal actions, and a working knowledge of the uses of at least 100 herbs.


Knowledge of the ethical and ecological issues inherent in herbal practice.

A basic understanding of the health assessment paradigm you will use to guide your herbal protocols (e.g. Western herbalism, folk medicine, inherited traditions, energetics, TCM, Ayurveda)

Basic anatomy and physiology course or similar level education.


Course Details

The next course begins on January 7, 2025. Registration opens in late September. To be notified when details are available, send us an email.

  • Meets online, Tuesday evenings, 6:30 - 9:30 pm Eastern Time.
  • Extensive materials: handouts, videos, reading suggestions, and online resources.
  • A weekly commitment of six hours for attending live sessions,  homework, and self-study.

How to Register


Registration for the January 2025 course opens in September. 

For course details send us an email.



 Meet the Crafting Your Herbal Practice teachers!

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Your Teachers


Patricia Kyritsi Howell

Founder of Botanologos School; Author of Medicinal Plants of Southern Appalachians

Kat Maier

Kat Maier

Founder of Sacred Plant Traditions; Author of Energetic Herbalism

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